Cristina Tadeo

practice within :: with/out

design draft
6×4.5 alternating layers: cardstock + vellum

— The following is a practice for slowing down and mindful observation. Allow any amount of time. Embrace what is strange or unclear. Feel free to make notes, or answer and ask your own questions.


Take a slow walk.

With attention to the soles of your feet, notice what textures you feel

Continue with your simple walk, slowing down enough to truly sense 



of each 


throughout every step forward. 

Feel each heel placed first, 

followed by…

and then…

When your attention is steady again, begin the next steps forward. 

Continue for any length of time. 

Challenge your attention kindly.

How much sensation do we skip over each day?








Can awareness have a surface?
What is kept underneath?



Choose a moving subject to draw. They can be a friend or stranger, perhaps a more than human subject in your vicinity.

The idea is not to be a fantastic portrait artist or create anything particularly successful or satisfying, but rather to observe a moving form with care.

Your drawing process is entirely up to you. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, and try something new. 

Taking time to sense your subject, their energy, form, and details should be your primary focus, but the outcome may or may not be something you expect to create. Your subject is in a continuous state of (re)forming in movement and energy.

This practice is a draft being imagined as a piece of mail art or a small zine to be distributed in print. This will be the first in a series that can be practiced or documented at home in our separate realities, shared together in concert, and in more conventional performance formats. The practices can live within parallel rehearsal processes to facilitate collaborations across distance.

practice within :: with/out is an experimental platform to share and organize practices for movement-making within bodies and with places—

across time and distance, choreography for community.

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