Jana Greiner

Stitched response

by Jana Greiner

The Big Eye

This nest of what was once a magenta wig is now a beautiful place holder. It holds memories of a life lived, maybe not so long ago, when these strands were connected to others like them working together to create a head cover that could transform the person wearing it.


Wind blown, styled by nature. I am captivated by the shapes formed by the ground cover. They mirror the sweeps of feathered hair from the seventies.
Trash or treasure, this old theme. I would not have stopped to take this magnificent photo of the light reflecting off the water if this piece of trash had not caught my eye first.
Graffiti frames the water channel, giving it a sense of humanity, of a place lived in and inhabited. It may look rural but it has urban written all over it.

Wildlife Refuge

The muddy wondering river channel looks unmarried by human development from this angle but right below the lens are jetty jacks imbedded in the bank to obstruct the river’s movement.
I found this drawing of jetty jacks in a World War 2 tactical manual. I now understand why I get a creepy feeling when I see them in the water or in the woods. They are a product of war and used to keep people out or for holding people back.